Candidates that share our values

Meadville City Mayor

Jaime Kinder

An advocate for people of all stripes, not just the privileged few.

Jaime is running for Meadville City Mayor to support efforts to build a diverse and thriving downtown community for local businesses and residents.  She is also committed to ensuring quality public spaces and the right to safe and affordable housing. 

Meadville City Council

Jack Harkless

Jack served on the leadership team for My Meadville, a community project to identify what matters most to city residents. 

He credits his work with My Meadville as part of his decision to run for City Council: “I see this as a way to follow through on the promises we made to create real change.”

Meadville City Council

Gretchen Myers

We do our best work when we listen, expand our understanding, and collaborate with each other.

Gretchen’s goal is to “put vision on the agenda” and to make informed and timely actions for the wellbeing of the city today and for generations to come.

Crawford Central School Board

Benjamin Bargar

There is an apparent lack of care that the district has for the students it holds. 

It seems that many of our elected board and those entrusted by our elected board are not encumbered by this moral dilemma. We are being led without care, without a sense of community. We are running for Crawford Central School board to help our district become truly great; not just in an academic sense, but in the true spirit of community and care.

Crawford Central School Board

Ryan Pickering

It’s critical that we support teachers and staff in their jobs.

I benefited from a well-funded, accessible, and inclusive public education and believe that all students deserve the same. Coming from a family who work in public schools, I have seen first-hand how hard teachers and staff work. I believe that it is essential for the community to be involved and invested in the success of Crawford Central and that new leaders who are ready to listen to students, parents, teachers, and community members can make that happen.

Crawford Central School Board

Holly Chatman

I want to help parents navigate and advocate for their child’s education. 

I have learned through my time as a parent in the district that the policies and procedures can be confusing and hard to understand. I want to help bridge the gap between teachers, parents and administration to help ensure the success of our children’s future endeavors. Together I believe we can succeed.

Crawford Central School Board

Elyse Palmer

It is time to bring humanity back to education.

Our students need help. Decades of performance-based funding policies have reduced them, and those who teach them, to a test score; a score that shows only one fraction of who they are and what they are capable of.  Our students deserve leaders who are invested in the success of every individual –  leaders who are willing to listen and learn about their many and varied needs, collaborate with staff to find creative solutions working within the system, and empower teachers to deliver the highest quality education possible.


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