Building collective power to make our lives better.

Crawford County United is a grassroots member-led organization working to unite everyone who is struggling to make a living against the people who profit from those struggles.

We believe the only way to get the changes we need is to work together in an organized way. Our strategy revolves around making connections with people and helping to build a movement to improve our lives.

Crawford County United is a chapter organization of Pennsylvania United.


Crawford County United works on two fronts:



We will create a government that actually represents the interests of ordinary people struggling to make ends meet.

We need to build a political system where the people who are excluded from the process—working people and poor people—are involved and represented making the laws that govern them. We need a government that is willing to look out for everybody, not just the people with money.



We are organizing around issues we have in common, not issues that drive a wedge between us.

Politicians and media tell us that the political divide is between Democrats and Republicans, but that’s a lie. The real fight is between people who are struggling to make a living—to find a secure income, a well-paying job, affordable healthcare, or a decent place to live—and the people who profit off those struggles. Sometimes they call themselves Democrats, sometimes they call themselves Republicans. But there are plenty of people who profit off that lie, just like there are plenty of people who profit off the lie that geography or race divides us. But the real political divide is not black vs white or red vs blue; it’s rich vs the rest.


We talk, we complain, we post on Facebook, we sign petitions.
Yet the system stays the same.

When it comes to politics, it’s easy to be cynical. It seems like important issues never get addressed, elected officials are out of touch and nothing ever gets done. One side blames the other and the same arguments get repeated.

Working people in Meadville and Crawford County are dealing with serious problems: low wages, high rents, bad housing, unfair taxes, crumbling infrastructure, and more. One reason politics are hell is because we feel helpless to do anything about it. Political parties promise to make change, but nothing gets better.

Who is going to act FOR US? We will. And we need you to join us.

As individuals we can have some impact, but to make real change we need to work together. We need to organize. We need to unite and build our collective power.

We need to unite as working people to build the power we need to win.


It’s clear our system is broken. Our government has failed to address the basic needs of poor and working people during the worst health and economic crisis of our lifetime.

The pandemic has shown how essential workers are and how vulnerable we all are. However, our government refuses to provide meaningful relief. Meanwhile, the two political parties continue to peddle and profit off hate. The horrifying events at the Capitol are the outcome of an anti-democratic system that thrives on racism and disinformation. This has to stop. The only way we can stop it is to build independent political power so we can fight for ourselves and win the world we need.


Join us. Take Action.

Become a Hellbender.

We are a member-based organization, but no one will be excluded from involvement due to inability to pay member dues. The suggested monthly amount for dues is what you make per hour. Everyone’s time is precious, and we believe members who make more, should pay more.

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